GDA's Christmas season kicks off with a Friendship Circle social gathering

GDA's Christmas season kicks off with a Friendship Circle social gathering

Yesterday we hosted our popular Friendship Circle Christmas party. 60 hard of hearing guests from across the county all came together at GDA's community centre in Barnwood, Gloucester, to enjoy a festive gathering to kick-start the Christmas season.

Guests were treated to a delicious seasonal lunch cooked by local deaf catering entrepreneur, Yumma Food - the celeriac and thyme soup along with homemade bread rolls went down a treat.

Losing ones hearing can have a devastating impact on a persons physical and mental wellbeing. Without the right support, a person can, sadly, fall in to a world of isolation and loneliness.

GDA's Friendship Circle events are a twice-a-year social gathering for people who have lost their hearing through illness or age. The occasions provide an opportunity for guests to socialise with other people in a similar situation to them; to meet new friends and to be part of a welcoming and inclusive community - all key factors in helping to alleviate loneliness.

None of our Friendship Circle events could happen without the generous support of volunteers. At the Christmas party yesterday, we were delighted to welcome a team of volunteers from TSB in Barnwood to lend a hand for the day.

Between them they washed up, they served copious amounts of tea and coffee, they swept floors, they decorated and throughout it all, they did everything with a smile. Huge thanks to the team of five for all their hard work which helped make another Friendship Circle event such a success.