GDA Coronavirus update - 2nd April 2020

GDA Coronavirus update - 2nd April 2020

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Following the government briefing this evening, here is GDA's summary of the main points discuss, plus updates from Gloucestershire and GDA:

From the government:

  • Sadly a number of the 2,921 people who have died because of the Coronavirus, are medical staff, many of whom "came to this country to make a difference.
  • £13.4 billion of NHS Trust debt will be written-off to support our NHS going forward
  • A brand new swab is currently being developed to support testing
  • The government is currently carrying out 10,000 tests per day, but has set a goal to be doing 100,000 tests per day by end of the month

Gloucestershire (taken from Punchline):

  • Coronavirus cases in Gloucestershire have reached 172
  • From this week, food hampers will be sent out throughout Gloucestershire to children who would normally receive free school meals


  • BBC Gloucestershire want to hear from you with messages of thanks for people who are lending a helping hand during this time. If you'd like to share a message, please:

- record a video message, no more than 30-40 seconds long with who you're thanking and why - maybe they've helped with your shopping or they're just being really lovely and helpful

- send it to GDA at 07875 610860

  • Don't forget to join Reg on Saturday at 7pm for another live chat on the sofa on the GDA Facebook page
  • And tonight, people across the country will once again be joining in with the 'clap for our carers' to show our appreciation to everyone working so hard to protect the UK. Join in with the clapping at 8pm TONIGHT.

Take care everyone - remember to stay home to protect the NHS and save lives,