GDA Coronavirus update - 27th March 2020

GDA Coronavirus update - 27th March 2020

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After the government's announcement this evening, here is GDA's update on the main points discussed, plus some GDA news...

  • The Prime Minister, the Chief Medical Officer and the Health Secretary have all tested positive for Coronavirus and are self-isolating
  • The Prime Minister will continue to lead the efforts against Coronavirus
  • The rate of infection has been doubling every 3 to 4 days
  • Two new NHS hospitals will be put together in Birmingham and Manchester, with more to follow in other areas in the country, to help support people with Coronavirus

And GDA news,

  • Join Reg and Yvonne on the sofa for a virtual chat, this Saturday 28th March at 7pm, on the GDA Facebook page where they'll be chatting about lifestyle and Coronavirus, as well playing a few games
  • We've put together a schedule of virtual events to help keep you entertained during this time of isolation, we'll be bringing you more quiz nights, chats about employment as well as signed children's stories
  • Launching on Sunday 29th March, we will be launching a series of wellbeing videos to help you through this time of isolation

And lastly, remember we're here to support you during this time. Get in touch on 07875 610860 or 07749 508692 if you have any concerns or worries.

Take care everyone,