GDA Coronavirus update - 24th March 2020

GDA Coronavirus update - 24th March 2020

Watch a BSL version of this update by clicking here.

This evening, the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock carried out a briefing on the measures the government is taking to protect the country. GDA has put together the following update which includes the key points from Mr Hancock's briefing:

  • Stay home. You can only leave your home for the following four reasons
    - to get food supplies
    - to get medicine supplies
    - to exercise
    - or your job is one of the key-worker roles allowed to continue working
    - you are not allowed outside in big groups
  • You may have received a text from the UK Gov today with information on the new rules about staying at home. This message is legitimate
  • If you are feeling scared, alone or confused, remember you can contact GDA. Please text us on 07875 610860 or 07749 508692 and we can support you.
  • You may have seen that there was no BSL interpreter present last night during the Prime Minister's address to the nation. We need to remind MPs that interpreters must be present during announcements. Please join GDA in petitioning for ALL Coronavirus announcements to feature a BSL interpreter by clicking here. It is so important that Deaf people have access to this information.
  • Please watch the GDA Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and website where we will continue sharing useful information as well as fun interactive events.

Take care everyone,

Read below, our public letter to Gloucestershire MPs for their support in ensuring all future televised announcements surrounding the Coronavirus, feature a BSL interpreter.