GDA Coronavirus update - 11th May 2020

GDA Coronavirus update - 11th May 2020

Following the Government's update to the nation yesterday, GDA has put together a BSL summary of the announcement.

Watch the video here.

A transcript of the video is available below:

I’m here, following Boris’s announcement on Sunday 10th May 2020. The Government is still encouraging people to remain at home to stay safe. Although there is a decline in the number of deaths, our thoughts are with families and friends at this difficult time and praise the work of front line staff to maintain the downward trend of the number of deaths.

Government is encouraging people to stay at home, but if you have to work, you should speak to your line manager or your employer about phrasing to return to work. If you do return to work, avoid Public transport – Car, bike, walk, run swim. Maybe not swim. Speaking of exercise, from Wednesday, you will be allowed out more than once, but maintain social distancing – keeping ourselves 2 away from others. People are also permitted to visit parks and other open spaces, including visiting families at those locations, but social distancing remain in place

Government explained the importance of reducing the R number, which is to reduce the amount of contacts we have with others. A contact could double, if the other person is in contact with others and so on. 4 will become 8 and 16, 32, 64, 128 and 254. The more we’re likely to spread, it will put increase death rate, a strain on NHS and so on, which in turn will allow Government to bring the lockdown measures back in place.

The Government will continue to monitor the trend and if the number of deaths continue to fall, it is possible that by 1st June some children may return to school and the most likely scenario would be for year 1 and year 6 children to return and over time other children could return. By the 1st July the Government may allow some shops to open, so it is important to follow Government advice on social distancing.