Deaf lives matter - where is the BSL interpreter?

Deaf lives matter - where is the BSL interpreter?

Following the Prime Minister's address to the nation last night about the country going in to lockdown in a bid to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, GDA has written the following public letter to Gloucestershire's local MP's to seek their support in ensuring that ALL future announcements feature BSL interpreters.

How you can help:

  • Write to your local MP and Councillor asking them to support the call for change
  • Sign the petition by clicking here
  • Share on your social media platforms using the hashtag #deaflivesmatter
  • Make a donation - GDA is working round the clock to ensure that our local Deaf community is able to access these updates and also feel reassured that support is still available for them during these difficult times. But we need your help to see us through this period in order to continue helping those who need us now more than ever. Donate today by clicking here.


Dear MPs of Gloucestershire

As the Coronavirus situation moves to another level in the UK, now more than ever clear communication is imperative in order to manage the pandemic and lessen the loss of lives. Sadly the communication needs of Deaf people across the country and in Gloucestershire were neglected last night during the Prime Minister’s address to the nation, when no BSL interpreter was present. The result of this means that Deaf people who use British Sign Language (BSL) as their first language were unable to access vitally important information that will help to protect them and their loved ones.

This situation is unacceptable and we are calling on your support to ensure that ALL future announcements feature BSL Interpreters.

As a hearing society we have the privilege of accessing information at the drop of a hat, but people in your constituency who are living with deafness, are feeling scared and alone because they simply don’t have access to all the information about how to keep safe in these uncertain times.

They need our support now more than ever.

Yours sincerely,

Sharon Bryant, CEO