'Wear it Loud' for GDA

After a hugely successful and fun debut Wear it Loud day on Tuesday 15th October 2019, GDA is delighted to be bringing back #WearitLoudGDA for another year on Friday 23rd October 2020.

Join GDA and a whole host of Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire businesses and school in wearing their loudest and brightest clothing to help support services for deaf children, young people and adults.

Deafness is one of the most misunderstood conditions in our society. Most people will assume deafness is simply about not being able to hear when in fact deafness is about the daily struggles a person will have with communication and the heart-breaking effect it can have on their physical and mental wellbeing.

All money raised from 'Wear it Loud' will help fund the wide range of life-changing services and support GDA provides to enable people living with deafness to live confidently and safely - services such as regular children and youth activities, weekly lip-reading classes and hearing aid clinics; one-to-one BSL employment and communication support, plus much more.

No-one deserves to live in a world of isolation and loneliness so by joining us in wearing your brightest clothing on the 23rd October 2020, you'll be helping to change the lives of thousands of deaf, hard of hearing and deafened children, young people and adults living in communities.

Download your free ‘Wear it Loud’ fundraising tools below or for more information or to let us know that you'll be taking part simply let us know via the form below.

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